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Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe is one of the founding members of Death Before Disco.  He started playing keyboards when he was 6, at which point he was playing back the songs he heard in church.  His parents were never able to afford a legitimate organ, so they encouraged him to become a cartoonist instead, effectively killing his sex life for three decades.

Volpe started writing legitimate songs at the age of 15 and wound up cranking out about 700 of them throughout his life, most of which sucked.  The ones that didn’t (over 100 of them) wound up on most of Death Before Disco’s albums, as well as several solo projects and an instrumental side project known as the Impaler Squadron.

Anthony Volpe lives in a state park (as in a place with trees and animals, not a looney bin) and has far too many hobbies to list; this bio is long enough as it is.

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