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Bill Gow

Bill Gow is one of the two founding members of Death Before Disco. His musical career began in the early 80's with The Beagles, a band that began as a joke outfit put together by him and his brother and longtime collaborator Richard Gow. Although the majority of their material were parodies of Beatles songs, Bill began writing some of the songs that would later surface in Death Before Disco such as ''Drinking of You'' and ''Is It 9:30 Yet?''

In 1985 Bill and Rich recruited Tommy Kolpak and launched his most successful band, Billy Flash and the Raincoats. Their modest success in the Philadelphia area was coupled with some popular college songs and live favorites such as ''It's Never'' and ''For Your Love'' (both of which resurfaced on DBD's No Raincoats Required). Bill Gow also gained notoriety for going onstage wearing a raincoat, red Converse All Stars, and not much else. The band broke up in 1987 and Bill went on to his third band, Zen Arcade. Although the other members of the band (all three of them were named Mike... no lie) were into more progressive music such as Yes and Genesis, Gow leaned them more over to the more alternative side of music and even got them to play ''Mony Mony'' at some of their gigs. Despite many successful gigs, the band broke up in 1989. Gow was in several other cover bands since then with limited success.

He formed Death Before Disco in January 1992 with Anthony Volpe and hasn’t looked back.

He lives in Kutztown, PA with his wife and children, sings with a church choir, collects antiques, and occasionally terrorizes karaoke bars with his brother.

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