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Welcome to the Death Before Disco website.  You’re here for a reason.

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DEATH BEFORE DISCO: And Then There Were Three
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DEATH BEFORE DISCO: Seven Years' Bad Luck (1994-2000)
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DEATH BEFORE DISCO: Broke, Disgusted, and Can't Be Trusted
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The band is currently on hiatus, but Anthony is working on his next solo album (Existence) and Maribeth Clark is also planning her first. More on these items as more is known about them.

Death Before Disco has no plans to record any new albums or play out. That may change.



Death Before Disco's 11th album, Garbage, Inc., Volumes III & IV, has been released and is now available for free on this website. Click HERE to download it.



Death Before Disco's 6th album, Broke, Disgusted, and Can't Be Trusted, has been re-released and is now on sale once again for $6.99. Click HERE to buy it (you can purchase it as a CD or as downloadable MP3 files)



And Then There Were Three is available for $9.99 (for download or CD) at



Our tenth album, And Then There Were Three, was finished a week or two ago. We are currently shipping copies to CDBaby and working with them to get the album sold with online retailers such as iTunes. The album should officially go on sale within a week. Stay tuned.



We have six songs recorded so far for our tenth album, And Then There Were Three. The original idea was to have the album be another two-disc jobbie like Anthony's solo album, but Mare and Bill aren't too keen on the idea because we might be giving away too much at one point: too much of a good thing. You folks would probably be overwhelmed by anything bigger than 15 songs too. Anthony, on the other hand, has no patience. He'd put out a four-album box set if he could just so he could say he did. But he's not the only member of this band and it's not up to him, so we'll record what we can before Christmas and make a decision by the end of the year in regard to what's gonna make it and what isn't. We may split everything into two albums. We'll see.

We can say that what we're recording sounds better than anything we've ever done and we're not saying it just as a sales pitch. What we're capable of now compared to what we were able to do seven years ago is so far up in the stratosphere that it ain't even funny.

More on all this as it develops. The ball's rolling again and we're making decent progress, so we'll get back to you soon.



Garbage, Inc., Vol. II, out 9th album, is done and ready for free download! 22 free songs! It don't get no cheaper than that!! Go go go!!! Click click click!!!!!!



Death Before Disco's ninth album, Garbage, Inc., Vol. II, will be available for free download on this website on June 15th. It will contain 22 songs and it will rock your ass from pillar to post.

As for And Then There Were Three, there is so much material being culled for it that the band may decide to split the material into two separate albums. More on this as it develops.



As you can see, the website has finally been redesigned and it no longer contains that silly splash graphic that's been on here for the past couple of years.

We also have two new albums coming out. One of them is free and it's called Garbage, Inc., Volume II. The other one isn't and it's called ...and Then There Were Three. It used to be called The Revenge of Billy Flash but we renamed it. It will also be a double album and will contain more than 30 songs.

Keep watching this website to find out when these albums will be available and how much we plan on making you pay for the one that ain't free.


[Note: This website isn’t best viewed in any particular browser because it’s impossible to design a website that looks the same on everyone’s computer unless it’s boring as hell.  You’d think in 2007 some standards would be agreed upon.  But noooooo. ]

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