2 Vlad 2 Strong

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Heart Attack (1997 Remix)
An unbelievably fast techno song featuring samples of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" and "Angry Young Man." A precursor to the happy hardcore movement.

Love Song No. 7*
The song Bill Gow used on his answering machine when Anthony Volpe met him.

A funk song built around a notorious 911 call placed by someone who was attacked by a supposedly-dead deer after putting it in his car.

Ambient Dumb
Beavis and Butthead's take on ambient music — ending with their attempt to add some metal to it.

The spiritual successor to "Laxative"; a techno song built around samples of people sneezing, coughing, and blowing their noses.

Suggested by Robert Uncapher, this song features Anthony Volpe answering his door only to have several men in suits come in, deliver the beating of his life, and not get a tip.

Another product of Uncapher's sick imagination: a death metal nursery rhyme.

The one that started it all: an experiment to see just what the ASR-10 was capable of. It was the first song Anthony Volpe ever composed on that keyboard, and as such, contained numerous samples of — oh, forget it.

The album's longest track, which features Volpe's commentary on the rave scene and how it was all a plan to dumb down the human race so it could be taken over by drugs.

Stupid People Should Be Allowed to Drive**
Silly filler track featuring Volpe and Uncapher arguing at an intersection only to have them collide with each other.

Instant Techno Hit
Suggested by Larry Friedman and finally built by Anthony Volpe. Features J.P. Travis on lead vocal. The "inflatable doll not included" line was ad-libbed.

Volpe's attempt to make a Patrick O'Hearn song.

Music is Dead
Volpe's tribute to Aphex Twin. At the time of its composition, Volpe decided music couldn't evolve any further.

Tomas Can't Sing with Me (Cos He's Gotta Take a Pee)***
A joke song created by Anthony as he and Tomas Howell were recording their first tracks together, both of which never surfaced.

A protest song from Volpe about AIDS.

Head Cleaner
Smart aleck attempt by Anthony Volpe to suggest that the listener's stereo system needed to be cleaned after listening to 2 Vlad 2 Strong. Nothing more than Volpe using the tape-to-tape dubbing feature to record the noises made by a head-cleaning cassette tape.

(c)1995 Anthony Volpe except
*(c)1986 Bill Gow
**(c)1995 Anthony Volpe/Robert Uncapher
***(c)1994 Anthony Volpe
****traditional (arrg. by Robert Uncapher)

Produced by Anthony Volpe except
** and **** co-produced by Robert Uncapher

Recorded May-June 1995 at Darwin's Beak
except ''Love Song No. 7'' recorded at the Rock n' Roll Basement in Pottstown, PA, 1986
and ''Tomas...'' recorded at the Rock n' Roll Basement in Pottstown, PA, 1993

Performed by Anthony Volpe and Robert Uncapher

Additional Personnel:
Steve D'Ippolito: toilet on ''Laxative''
Bill Gow: all instruments/voices on ''Love Song No. 7,'' vocals on ''Smackogram'' and ''Laxative''
Joe: himself
Mike Purri: lead vocals on ''Bingo''
Paul Travis: lead vocals on ''Instant Techno Hit''