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Buzr Musc
This was an attempt to utilize the buzzing sounds of the SIDStation keyboard module in a song. The SidStation uses the MOS6581 sound chip installed in the Commodore C64 home computer. The notoriety caused by music capabilities of the Commodore 64 led to a company named Elektron using the chip in its synth modules.

One of several songs that were originally meant to be used on a website for a graphic design agency co-owned by Anthony Volpe. The name "Three" was derived from the merging of three agencies into the new one Volpe became involved in. Aphex Twin was a heavy influence on this song.

An attempt by Anthony Volpe to utilize break beats in his music and try to create something similar to the jungle movement. Co-written by Tomas Howell.

Pinochle Breath
Nothing more than a bizarre experimental track with a weird synth riff, choppy drum patterns, and sound samples of his friends making strange noises.

Amazing Grace
An IDM remake of the hymn that terrified a lot more people than Volpe expected it to, suggesting the song was far more unholy than holy.

Attack of the Krackmonster
No-nonsense 90's techno song named after a website Volpe frequented.

Eiicy Ose Polr Opp
Bizarre experiment with pitch shifting and slapback reverb techniques.

Dark Room
Frenetic cut-and-paste dance song based on a slower, dirge like series of synth riffs from Tomas Howell. Intended to mock similar types of music from the likes of Squarepusher. Volpe used every sound-editing filter in his arsenal to come up with this nightmare and eventually gave up, resorting to the sound of a popping cork and several seconds of a squeaking bedspring, ending with a time bomb exploding and the remainder of the pre-existing song.

Grey Sky
The main sequence of the song was composed by Tomas Howell. Anthony Volpe built the remainder of the song around it.

Another SIDStation experiment. The title was suggested by collaborator Frank Zammetti as nothing more than a random base-18 number.

A lost track from the 2 Vlad 2 Strong sessions from 1994.

A failed attempt at recreating the Blue Man Group's drum wall. The main synthesizer riffs were composed by Tomas Howell.

100° in the Shade
Slower, more atmospheric song reminiscent of the songs featured in Japanese video game RPG's of the time.

One of the album's standout tracks. Similar to Plaid and µ-ziq.

Exmartyrenine's Theme
Composed mostly by Tomas Howell with Volpe arranging it into a full song.

A World of Your Own
Originally intended for a multimedia presentation, Volpe resurrected the song, extended it by three minutes, and gave it a new home.

Breathe Easier
Composed for an allergy and asthma product website.

2,000,001: A Space Travesty
One-off jam session with Volpe on drums and Frank Zammetti on keyboards. Despite the poor sound quality and terrible performance, Volpe found the song amusing enough to warrant inclusion on the album.

A Walk with the Gods
The final and most majestic collaboration between Volpe and Howell. Originally meant for Isolation Industry's Shackled in the Arms of Night.

Crayon Massacre
Atonal, chordless experiment featuring Anthony attempting to use scores of hip-hop samples in a way they were not intended to be used.