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The following websites fall under the umbrella of Planet Volpe:
Death Before Disco - my primary musical project (contains mature content)
Crackhead Creations - my videogame company
The F.U.B.A.R. Saga - a retired online comic (contains mature content)
Downtown Uptown - another retired online comic (contains immature content)
The Impaler Squadron - an experimental musical outfit

The following links are associated with my efforts:
Etherient - the company who publishes my PocketPC collaborations
Perisarc - home of occasional collaborator Jim Ether

The following fall under the category of "other":
Anthony Volpe on Facebook - my Facebook page
SoundCloud - listen to samples of all mymusic here
iTunes - purchase Existence on iTunes for $9.99 here
Jango Radio - listen to Existence for free here
Rhapsody - listen to Existence for free here as well
Amazon - purchase Existence on Amazon for $8.99